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What is Visit Saudi?

Visit Saudi is an all-inclusive online platform designed to serve as the ultimate guide to tourism

across Saudi Arabia. The website and app offer a plethora of features, enabling travelers to plan,

book, and enjoy a wide range of experiences across the kingdom.


Provides up-to-date information on attractions, food, accommodation, and much more.

Allows users to plan and book diverse experiences seamlessly.

I. Saudi Calendar: The Saudi Calendar is an interactive feature that consolidates events, locations,

and points of interest (POIs) across Saudi Arabia, accessible to global trade partners and individual

visitors alike.


1. Offers a unified view of all events, locations, and POIs.

2. Provides global access for trade partners and tourists.

II. Saudi Map: The Saudi Map is an exhaustive tourism map allowing travelers to explore attractions,

events, food and beverage options, and accommodations. It also offers the ability to plan trips with



1. Enables easy location and sharing of POIs.

2. Features up-to-date content verified by on-the-ground site visits from the Saudi Tourism

Authority (STA).

3. Allows business partners to update their own information.

III. Saudi Smart ID (SSID): SSID is a unified digital identification system for both local and

international tourists as well as STA partners, functional across various tourism services.


1. Facilitates digital and physical identification across tourism services.

2. Offers personalized experiences based on user behavior and preferences.

IV. Saudi Smart Pass (SSP): The SSP is a digital pass that enables travelers to access various tourism-

related businesses effortlessly, like events and museums.


1. Grants seamless access to multiple attractions and events via a single pass.

2. Collects user data to offer customized experiences.

3. Standardizes ticketing across various platforms, providing a seamless user experience.

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